Guided tour through the garden

Get to know our more than 65 different show gardens and enjoy the journey of discovery with all your senses. 


General tour
This tour provides you with valuable and exciting information about the grounds of DIE GARTEN TULLN.
Get practical tips and tricks from our garden experts and learn how to design your own garden in harmony with nature. 
Herb ramble
Do you know what stevia and jiaogulan do? What exactly is going on? Learn how to cure many ailments with medicinal herbs and how to do something simply good for your body.
Gardening in harmony with nature made easy
Do you have problems with aphids and rose rust etc.? We`ll show you how to keep pests at bay without the use of chemical pesticides and specifically attract beneficial insects to your garden.
Rose tour
More than 100 different varieties of rose bloom at the horticultural show every year. On this tour you will learn more about ecological rose care and strengthening with compost tea and beneficial insects. Only possible from June to September.
Behind the scenes tour
You`ve never experienced DIE GARTEN TULLN like this! Take a look behind the scenes of the ecological garden show.


Information and entrance fees

Group rate DIE GARTEN TULLN per person € 10,50 

Short tour (45 minutes) per person € 3,90
Long tour (90 minutes) per person € 5,80

We also offer fixed group rates for smaller groups under 20 people. 

Short tour (45 minutes) € 78,00
Long tour (90 minutes) € 116,00
Group rate always additionally to the entrance fee.

DIE GARTEN TULLN also provides guided tours for disabled people. Please contact us for further information.