Natur im Garten

Biene auf BlumeThe Lower Austrian campaign "Natur im Garten" was launched in 1999. The purpose of the initiative is to foster the ecological design and care of gardens and green areas, as well as to create a colourful variety. "Natur im Garten" offers service, advice and support for everyone who cares about natur oriented gardening.

Three main criteria provide the basis for the natural garden:

  • the non-use of chemical-synthetic pesticides ("poison")
  • the non-use of chemical-synthetic fertilizers ("artifical fertilizers")
  • the non-use of peat

Various natural garden elements help design your garden in multiple ways, offer a habitat for a diversified world of animal and plant species and create space for a balanced cycle of nature. The latter, in combination with near-natural garden cultivation, develops into a system being in harmony with itself.

The service offered by "Natur im Garten" for private gardens and public green areas are highly diversified: providing advice on the "Natur im Garten" telephone and in the various regions, in the show "Natur im Garten" hosted by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF); brochures, show gardens, partner companies, the magazine "Natur im Garten" and books; a comprehensive education and further training offer within the framework of the "Natur im Garten" competence center. Festivities and events of the campaign guarantee fun and excitement in the ecological garden province of Lower Austria. 

The show gardens of "Natur im Garten" designed and cultivated in a near-natural way let everyone directly experience the impressive garden variety, the latter reaching from private house and family gardens to historic gardens and lush kitchen gardens to the GARTEN TULLN, the unique ecological garden show featuring more than 60 pattern gardens. In the meanwhile there are 132 show gardens in Lower Austria and more than 80 "Natur im Garten" partner companies which offer consulting, service and products for your nature garden.

The "Natur im Garten" badge featuring the logo of the campaign "Natur im Garten" is an award for private gardens that fulfill the criteria of the campaign; it is awarded to natural gardeners in the course of a visit. Also municipialities, show gardens and partner companies can get such awards. 

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