The Mission

An ecological showcase

Since its creation, DIE GARTEN TULLN has evolved into a showcase project like no other in Europe. The strictly way in which the grounds are cared for has become an example for many other garden festivals in Austria and abroad. DIE GARTEN TULLN has also been an approved botanical garden since 2014.

No pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers and no synthetic peat: since DIE GARTEN TULLN was opened, its gardeners and partners have closely adhered to the stipulations of the Lower Austrian "Natur im Garten" campaign. This makes the garden experience unique in terms of its ecological and sustainable management.

Site-appropriate and varied vegetation, natural fertilisers, beneficial organisms and biological agents for plant strenghtening are the cornerstone to interaction with the environment in sustainable and resource-conserving manner.


Environmental management

From the beginning on the environment played an important role in the GARTEN TULLN. The strict consideration of the "Natur im Garten" criteria - no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers and no peat - is and was self-evidently. As Europe`s first ecological garden show DIE GARTEN TULLN demonstrates how ecological gardening works on a long-term. Because of our sensitivity against the ecology we launched an environmental management system. 

Since 2014 we are EMAS "Eco-Management and Audit Scheme" certified. EMAS is a voluntary instrument of the European Union, which supports the continous improvement of the the environmental performance. 

Here you find the EMAS environment explication 2019 (in german)