The history

DIE GARTEN TULLN, permanent exhibition and showcase project for sustainable and ecological gardening, is Europe`s first ecological garden show, established to the stipulations of the Lower Austrian "Natur im Garten" campaign.

DIE GARTEN TULLN was set up as a permanent exhibition in 2008 and has already counted more than 2,5 million visitors. 

More than 65 ecologically tended show gardens, a 30-metre high treetop walkway, Lower Austria`s largest adventure and nature playground, and lots of events promise a fun-filled day out. Every year approximately 150 different ecoeducational workshops for children take place.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in summer 2006 by Wolfgang Sobotka and the former mayor of Tulln, Willi Stift. The Lower Austrian National Horticultural Show was openend on the 30th of april 2008.

Since 2014 DIE GARTEN TULLN has also been approved as a botanical garden.



Till 2009  Doris Brandecker-Knerer
2009 to 2012 Christoph Vielhaber
Since 2012 Franz Gruber
Chairman of the supervisory board: KR Harald Schinnerl


New gardens (ordered according to the year):

2009:  Climbers garden
  A new take on the vegetable garden
  School garden
2010:                     Alpinum
  Green wall
  Small but perfectly formed
  Apprentice`s garden
  Plobergers garden
  Gardeners go on (and for) wood
2011:                       Giant garden
  Research garden
  Castles, parks and the baltic sea
  Installation fragmented orchard
  Use of forms
  Floodplain forest garden paradise
  Florist`s garden
  The green office
2012:                     Love garden
  Theatre- and literature garden
  Farmer`s garden
2013:                       Childhood garden
  Natural farmacy
  Be active 
  Feel well
2014:                       Egon Schiele garden
  Variety for tomorrow
  Sea of blossoms
  EVN garden
2015:                       wood (Spaces)
  the green office 2.0
soil workshop

Generationens Garden
Bible garden
Forest garden








60 minutes garden
Karl Plobergers "kraut&rüben" garden
the urban garden


WEINgeNUSS garden winestore
garden of perception
bavarian beergarden
schoolgarden-model "Natur im Garten"
garten arboretum


botanical particularities
garden for in-between